What a totally awesome and fun way to honor our local veterans by participating in the annual Bakersfield Veterans Day parade. 20 Corvette owners from the Corvettes of Bakersfield carried veteran friends and family amongst the thousands of people lining the streets of downtown Bakersfield showing love and respect to these men and women for their service and sacrifice for the great USA. 

We started out with a breakfast at the American Legion Hall where veterans can be overheard swapping stories of their youthful endeavors. Later on, the Vettes were all decked out with American flags and red, white and blue decorations. As we proceed  with the parade, it’s always a joy to see the kids shouting “Thank you” and waving to the passing veterans.

After we ran the parade route, we took a quick drive to Mexicali on 18th Street and had a delicious lunch. A special thanks to Rod and Bev Hayden for the wonderful gift they gave to those who attended the lunch at Mexicali. They are truly special people.

Click on Link to our Flickr page for more pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/158760832@N02/albums/72157712224077721