Here’s a bit of Mitch’s Corvette passion:

          There were a couple of Corvettes in the neighborhood growing up, delivering newspapers, I started to take notice.  Specifically, a ‘62 C1 and a ‘65 C2, started my passion, dreaming someday I would like to own one.

          As life went on, some 40 years later, the opportunity presented itself. I purchased my first ‘06 C6 Black Coupe from 3 Way Chevrolet.  I joined COB immediately, (3) term VP, (3) term President.

          As I wasn’t all together sure I liked the C7, news about the C8 started rumbling and I was bound and determined to get on the list for a new order. Although quite a wait after ordering, it was sure worth the wait.

          Will be considering the Z06 as it becomes available.

I hope everyone enjoys learning a little something about Mitch.  A big thanks to Mitch for providing the information and pictures, and a big thanks to Mitch for his service as VP and President of COB!!!!!